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Becoming "The Bitcoin Guy"
Cameron Schorg, also known as “The Bitcoin Guy” to many at the University of Iowa, was recently named 1 of 15 “People to Watch in 2018" by the Des Moines Register. Schorg plans to graduate in May earning a dual degree in finance and business information systems with a certificate in entrepreneurial management. The last 5 years of his life have been devoted to evangelizing and harnessing the disruptive nature of Bitcoin and its underlying technology, the Blockchain. 

As a pioneer, he launched an exchange startup at the age of 16, organized grassroots movements at more than 75 Universities worldwide, and works with some of the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency companies. Schorg is regularly featured as a subject expert at FinTech industry events, educational seminars, media coverages, and frequently consults companies and individuals. His relentless devotion stems from the will to eliminate us all from economic slavery, truly democratize the world of money, and push humanity into an age of abundance. This starts with Bitcoin.
Where It All Started
What in the heck is bitcoin? Just 5 years ago I was staring at my computer screen asking the exact same question. Now this time wasn’t the first I had heard of bitcoin; in fact, a few weeks prior I had briefly looked into this thing called bitcoin but immediately dismissed it due to its mysterious nature. This time though, I gave it a bit more of a chance and it led me down a rabbit hole I still haven’t escaped from yet.

I clicked on the first article on Google that seemed to look at bitcoin in a more positive light. With every line I read, three more questions popped into my head. “Don’t we already have PayPal?” “Banking without banks?” “What the heck is a blockchain?” Aha, I get it now. It’s all just magic internet money. By the time I got to the middle of the article, I realized that what I had just discovered was going to change society in every fundamental way possible. 

At the ripe age of 16, knowing nothing about web design, internet marketing, or the basics of running a business, I launched a brokerage service helping other bitcoin beginners purchase bitcoin. Although the website was nothing to be proud of, I was in business. And it turns out, there was pure demand for the service I was offering. I was flying by the seat of my pants and boy, was it a wild ride. 

Fast forward almost two years: the site was still up and running but the business landscape had drastically changed. The likes of Mt.Gox and Bitinstant had fallen to the wayside and others like Coinbase and Bitstamp were becoming dominant players. These up and coming business had the assistance of extensive business networks and massive amounts of funding something I couldn’t compete with. The brokerage service was closed and I was off to the next venture.

For the next two years I spent my time doing deep research into the cryptocurrency ecosystem, learning what made everything tick, the ins and outs, and who was who. I found my way into the role of director of community development for the Blockchain Education Network. In that role I practiced day in and day out on how to not only build communities around this revolutionary technology, but more importantly how to get the average person involved and educated. The work was unequivocally rewarding. I helped grow the organization from 200 ambitious college students to a robust and diverse community of nearly 3000 members combined of students, professors, and industry experts in hundreds of cities around the globe. 

After stepping down from this role in 2016, I joined one of the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency companies. Although my work has been thrilling, my favorite involvement is still with you – the people who are curious and willing to learn. This currency and technology is going to lead to the largest paradigm shift and reorganization of society the world has ever seen. The world is about to get a giant upgrade. I’m going to be a part of it, and I want you to join me.
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